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Zeba Styling Session 6

Zeba design center, mathurads mill compound, lower parel, Mumbai

This Session will be discussing the timeless nature and infinite adaptability of the new trend, the Granmillennial Style.

coming together is a learning

Through the year, Zeba hold various styling sessions that deal with an array of design and interior related subjects. Every session covers a brief introduction to interior design and style in general as well as a detailed look at a particular topic. It covers topics such as optimising budgets and spaces, colour theory, using prints and textures, arranging art, coordinating individual elements and much more.

Every session includes a collection of case studies that help the understanding process as well as add interest and interaction with our audience.

Styling Session 1

Session Image

This session focused on optimising spaces, regardless of their size. It discussed the best ways to use smaller.

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Styling Session 2

Session Image

The main focus of this session was the creativity that results in well placed wall art. Often art is placed on walls in ...

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Styling Session 3

Session Image

This session discussed the magic of upholstery and furniture placement. It is a misconception that it takes a great deal ...

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Styling Session 4

Session Image

Shopping for a space can be tedious and cause a great deal of stress if done without a plan. This session focussed ....

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Styling Session 5

Session Image

This session focused on coordination of pints and patterns. The idea of mixing and matching patterns and prints can ...

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